Supervisor Barger’s Statement on Metro SR-710 Vote

Supervisor Kathryn Barger, an L.A. County Metro Director, issued the following statement on today’s MTA Board vote:

“Today’s decision by the Metro Board of Directors was the latest in a long and difficult process.  The motion that I co-authored with Chairman Fasana and Directors Garcetti, Solis and Najarian was about delivering something now for our communities that have been suffering for decades.  The Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management option (TSM/TDM), which we identified as the ‘Locally Preferred Alternative,’ will not solve all of the issues — but is an important first step in a process that will continue to play out with local input.

I have the highest respect for our cities and community members who have expended so much on both sides of this issue.  Today’s decision will not be viewed as a win-win by all but it will hopefully begin to improve the quality of life for so many that have been impacted for so long.”

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