Board of Supervisors Approve Measure H Funding Allocation Strategy

Following the Board of Supervisors approving Measure H funding allocation strategy recommendations, Supervisor Kathryn Barger said, “Education is the key to addressing NIMBYism in the full rollout of Measure H. The County now has the duty and obligation to educate the community.  We saw this in the placement of the Hope Gardens women and children’s shelter.  When the community was educated about the project, they embraced it with open arms.  This cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach.  We need to be flexible and listen to our cities and non-profits.  Government cannot fix it alone — nor should it.  We need to work together to end homelessness.”

The Board also passed a motion, co-authored by Supervisors Hilda L. Solis and Kathryn Barger, that also calls for the allocation of funds for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and other local law enforcement agencies to create an expanded Homeless Services Team that will collaborate with other public safety agencies, County Departments, and emergency service providers.

“As we move forward in our efforts to implement Measure H, it is vital that all of our county agencies collaborate effectively with our partners in law enforcement who are on the frontlines dealing with the homeless crisis.”  Supervisor Kathryn Barger said, “This motion also requires a review of methods to engage agencies that have not been traditionally part of the discussion, but should be.  In addition to law enforcement, these include agencies who are also impacted by homelessness and will be helpful in combatting it; Libraries, the Department of Parks and Recreation, Public Works, the Coroner and METRO.”

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