• September 10, 2019

Innovation Fund will equip local cities with resources to combat homelessness

Innovation Fund will equip local cities with resources to combat homelessness

Innovation Fund will equip local cities with resources to combat homelessness 1024 683 Supervisor Kathryn Barger

LOS ANGELES COUNTY – The Board of Supervisors approved a motion by Supervisors Kathryn Barger and Hilda L. Solis to allocate $6 million to equip cities with tools to implement plans to combat homelessness.

“Solutions to combating homelessness require the county to work closely with cities that know the challenges they face, and the support they need,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger, who authored the motion. “Homelessness does not look the same in the Antelope Valley as it does in the San Gabriel Valley and, as a result, the county should empower cities to create innovative solutions to tackle homelessness at the local level.”

Using Measure H funds directed to Councils of Government, the initiative will enable cities to support activities that align with the Board of Supervisors-approved Homeless Initiative Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Homelessness and will complement the implementation of city homelessness plans.

“As our cities develop creative solutions to address their own unique homelessness challenges, it has become clear that they need additional flexibility to be able to access Measure H funding,” said Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, who co-authored the motion. “There is an extraordinary need for shelter and housing in the San Gabriel Valley, and initiatives such as the City of Pomona’s Hope for Home shelter are the gold standard for addressing this demand. I will always support our cities who are ready to partner with LA County to create shelters, build supportive housing, and enhance the delivery of homelessness services.”

In 2017, interested cities were awarded planning grants to decide how they wanted to prevent and combat homelessness. Across the county, 41 cities developed plans, demonstrating a high level of engagement from stakeholders across the region. Following a solicitation process, the County awarded $8.2 million to support 34 city proposals covering 31 cities. Proposals either focused on increasing the supply of permanent and interim housing or on enhancing supportive services for those experiencing and/or at-risk of homelessness.

While many cities applied for the last round of grants, the complex nature of the process may have discouraged participation. As a result of today’s motion, these additional funds will be distributed by local Councils of Government to ensure cities have more flexibility when implementing their homelessness plans.

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