L.A. County Board of Supervisors Pursues Expanding Zero Emission Vehicle Charging, Fueling

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors today unanimously approved a motion authored by Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Supervisor Janice Hahn to expand public access to zero emission vehicle charging and refueling infrastructure in unincorporated Los Angeles County communities.

The motion’s goal is to identify curb space along County operated and maintained streets and on County-owned property where the County could partner with utility providers and private companies to install fueling or charging infrastructure for public use. Commercial zones will be the focus of this search.

“Last year, the federal government allocated $7.5 billion to expand access to zero emission vehicle fueling and charging infrastructure,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger. “Today’s motion is about strategically positioning our County to draw down a portion of this once-in-a-lifetime funding – and we’re well positioned to do so. Our County’s Internal Services Department has made great strides in the zero emission vehicle space. Our Department of Public Works operates and maintains over 3,200 miles of public roads. We must do all we can to ensure we continue being a regional leader in facilitating convenient, reliable, affordable, and equitable access to these efficient technologies and maximize public benefit.”

“If we are serious about getting more electric vehicles on the road, we need to dramatically expand our charging station infrastructure and make these cars practical for every driver, no matter where they live or where they work,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “We need to expand our charging station network countywide, but the thousands of miles of curbs that the County operates and maintains are low-hanging fruit. We should start by installing charging stations where we can along these corridors.”

Under the motion’s directives, Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Works will coordinate with other appropriate County departments to identify funding opportunities, inventory County owned and maintained rights-of-way and properties, and assess private sector partnership opportunities. A report back to the Board of Supervisors with their findings and recommended next steps for successful implementation will be submitted in no more than 90 days.

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