SB 823 and Juvenile
Justice Reform
in L.A. County

Supervisor Barger Urges Community Members to be Informed and Involved in Juvenile Justice Reform Efforts – Your Input Matters!

The State of California and Los Angeles County have been working to transform the youth justice system for several years. Supervisor Barger is committed to sharing important and new information about the impact of these upcoming changes with her constituents.

In September 2020, Senate Bill (SB) 823 became law. It started the process of closing the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and legally shifted the responsibility of housing, treating, and supervising DJJ youth to county probation camps.

All 58 counties in California are currently preparing their plans for the future placement of these youth, not just Los Angeles County. Each county has formed a Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council, which has a Juvenile Justice Realignment Block Grant (JJRBG) Subcommittee that is tasked with developing plans to house youth.

In July 2021, Supervisor Barger learned the JJRBG Subcommittee was planning to make recommendations without thorough analysis or meaningful community discourse. As a result, she wrote a motion calling for an in-depth evaluation of all camps and halls in Los Angeles County and proper community engagement.

Currently, no decision has been made on where the youth will be placed.

Based on the requirements of SB 823, the JJRBG Subcommittee will make a final recommendation to the Board of Supervisors by mid-January 2022. The Board will likely take a vote on the matter in mid-January or early February 2022.

Supervisor Barger supports community input. Your voice matters.

Here are some actions you can take now to stay engaged and make your voice heard:

Get informed: Download the DJJ realignment fact sheet for LA County and SB 823. These helpful documents will equip you with background information.

Get connected: Engage with the JJRBG Subcommittee by visiting their website, which also has information about their next meeting.

Get involved: Join the Probation Oversight Commission’s Virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. Click here for more information. You can also make your voice heard during public comment at the Board of Supervisors meeting in 2022 when the Subcommittee’s recommendation is discussed. Click here to view Board agendas, meeting dates, and instructions to provide public comment.