Database to Track Mental Health Resources to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

Supervisor Kathryn Barger authored a motion unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors directing the Department of Mental Health to move forward in developing a database that would track mental health resources countywide.

“Right now, locating readily available and effective mental health treatment resources is a significant challenge for both the individual in need and first responders who are trying to help,” said Barger. “Providing easy access to quality continuum of care services is critical.  Today’s motion is a proactive effort to create a streamlined and accessible system to adeptly serve those struggling to find treatment and service options.”

Barger’s motion seeks to create a database that will actively track mental health resources including IMD (Institutions for Mental Diseases) beds, crisis residential treatment, and board and care facilities in and around Los Angeles County that would help expedite the process and provide valuable options to those in need of meaningful mental health treatment and care.

The Department of Mental Health will consider existing systems, such as the “Foster Care Search System” developed by the Department of Children and Family Services which is a web-based and mobile application that provides social workers with real-time updates on available foster beds.

“The ability to access a placement vacancy database system while in the field with those in need would result in the seamless linkage to mental health resources based on the individualized needs of the client,” Barger added.

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