Barger calls for investigation into growing presence of dockless scooters in unincorporated communities

LOS ANGELES COUNTY – The Board of Supervisors has approved a motion by Supervisor Kathryn Barger directing county agencies to study the impacts e-scooters and bikes have had on other cities and jurisdictions and identify best practices to prevent negative impacts on public safety and the quality of life in unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County. 

Recently, electric scooters have been showing up in communities across Los Angeles County, including the San Gabriel Valley. 

“Use of these scooters may provide some users a convenient way to get around, but businesses are not allowed to set up shop in public rights of way without proper authorization, especially if they will have a potential impact on public safety,” Barger said. “We want to prevent the kind of blight and public nuisance that e-scooters, parked or abandoned, unpermitted, on sidewalks, in front of businesses, and near parking have created in other municipalities.  Our communities must have input on where these mobile businesses will be located and how they interface with their neighborhoods.”

Supervisor Barger’s motion instructs the CEO to work with the Department of Regional Planning, Department of Public Works, Sheriff’s Department, and the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs and any other relevant department, to report back in 60 days with their findings.

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