Barger Calls for County Strategy to Enhance Business Attraction and Retention to Create Jobs and Growth

Building upon conversations regarding the imminent relocation of Amazon and the subsequent region-wide cooperation to attract the company and its 50,000 jobs, Supervisor Barger introduced a motion to expand and formalize the County’s effort to enhance business attraction and retention to create jobs and growth.

“Business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators have dreams to grow and expand their businesses, while creating a new future for consumers, employees, neighborhoods and communities,” said Supervisor Barger. “Our goal as a county should be to support all of these endeavors — from the large corporations to the mom- and-pop establishments on Main Street.”

The motion calls for a report back on strategies to improve the county’s effort to work collaboratively to create conditions that help businesses grow and thrive. This effort will reassess our policies and programs, and work with the stakeholders in the community that understand the implications of those policies and programs.  “We must continually reinvent ourselves as a County if we are to keep up with the changing dynamics of the marketplace,” she added.

County agencies will report back to the Board in 180 days with recommendations.

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