Barger applauds fiscally-prudent county budget for additional mental health teams and rainy day funds

LOS ANGELES COUNTY – Supervisor Kathryn Barger applauded the County CEO and staff for bringing forth a responsible supplemental budget, which was passed by the Board of Supervisors today.

“I am mindful of potential challenges in the horizon and appreciate that this budget fulfills the County’s priorities and obligations while still taking a fiscally-prudent approach to safeguard the County’s fiscal health,” Barger said. “It is critical that we remain committed to our fiduciary responsibility as stewards of public funds and ensure that taxpayer dollars are being spent in an efficient and cost effective manner.”

“I am pleased to see another $7.8 million going into the Rainy Day Fund, which is critical to ensuring the continued provision of services during future economic downturns,” she added. “Maintenance and augmentation of this reserve will strengthen our financial position and help us manage future periods of instability or fiscal uncertainty.”

Supervisor Barger also praised the expansion of Mental Evaluation Teams by an additional 10 teams, which grew from 23 to 33.

“These teams, comprised of a Sheriff’s Deputy and a mental health clinician, help those individuals suffering with mental illness by linking them to vital care, programs, and services instead of arrest and incarceration in times of crisis situations.”

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