Additional Business Fees Depress Local Enterprise and Job Creation

Supervisor Kathryn Barger cast the lone “No” vote on a motion passed today by the Board of Supervisors which adds a new business fee associated with the Business Registration Program the Board approved today.

“My primary issue with this program is the fee requirement, particularly when we can’t unequivocally demonstrate to local businesses what benefit they will derive from this program,” said Supervisor Barger.  “While this fee may not seem that large in the grand scheme of things, adding this fee on top of others that businesses are required to pay adds to the overall cost of doing business, which negatively impacts business retention, expansion and job creation.”

A poll of local businesses by Bizfed shows that taxes and fees have been the #1 concern of the business community since 2011.  That same poll showed that the top reason businesses leave the County is due to the various taxes and fees imposed, which hinder their ability to start, maintain, or grow a business.  In 2016, 73% of businesses reported this as the number one reason for leaving; in 2017, this figure was up to 81%.

“Our goal as local government must be to create conditions that help businesses grow, thrive expand, and hire more employees,” said Barger added. “The negative impact the fee may have outweighs the potential benefits of a business registration program.”

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